Talenti Intrecciati,Visconti Garbuglia,Tosi

Fron January, 18 2017 to February, 22 2017.
By: Lorenzo Baraldi, Alida Cappellini, Giovanni Licheri, Alessandra di Fiore,Italo Moscati, in collaboration with “La cineteca Nazionale” at Casa del Cinema – Rome.

The exhibition “Woven talents: Visconti, Garbuglia, Tosi” is story made of harmonious images, sound and figurative taste, that creates suggestions and hallucinations in the wake of masters of the past. The names in the title of this brief but important initiative taking place at the Casa del Cinema, by the association of scenographers and costumers in collaboration with La Cineteca nazionale, talk straight and clearly. Luchino Visconti, the director that, more than others, supported talents: great and effective performers, but also scenographers and costumers, long-lasting professional partnerships, to prove harmony, suggestions, researches. Mario Garbuglia and Piero Tosi are some of Visconti’s professional partners that experienced with him long-lasting experiences of “coauthor”.